William B. Reynolds, III

CEO and President, ERVE Advisory Group

Will is the CEO and President of SERVE Advisory Group, a small federalist and commercial consulting firm that focuses on strategy, process, change management, and technology implementation consulting. Through his work, Will works with clients heavily across the Department of Defense, and Veterans Affairs Space, but also across commercial health care entities, other Fortune 500 companies, and various non-governmental organizations.

Through his participation in Stand-To, Will is looking to create a viable, scalable, and flexible veteran transition job career set. Will aims to have this career setting provide not only an unbounded educational path but also, the ability to grow one’s income while providing a crucial service to our society in the home health space aided by the trust it has in the veteran community. Additionally, this program could not only lead to a more fruitful use of some Veteran Affairs benefits, but also a reduction in reliance on other benefits, leading to a more solvent agency, and a stronger veteran community.

Location: Washington DC-Baltimore Area