Susan M. Sparks

Owner, ASAP Writing Services

An award-winning journalist and photographer, Susan M. Sparks lived around the world as a military spouse. With each new location, Susan engaged her creative skills working as a reporter and editor for various newspapers, an on-air news reporter and announcer, speechwriter for high-ranking military officers and lead military tours for VIPs. She has handled hysterical brides (as a wedding photographer), irritated generals (as a public affairs contractor), and survived much more.

She is the author of The Student Life Jacket, ghostwriter for numerous non-fiction books, founder of ASAP Writing Services, speaker, and presenter at WVPW Video Production Workshops. Other presentations include: Secrets From a Ghostwriter and The Student Life Jacket Unzipped (A workshop for parents and #college bound students)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana Area, IN, United State