Ryan Manion

President, Veteran Community Service

Ryan lost her brother to war and her mother to cancer, and she’s the daughter of a retired Marine. A wife and mom to three, she is no stranger to resiliency and how to struggle well in life. Now the president of one of the nation’s leading veteran service organizations – the Travis Manion Foundation – Ryan works to empower veterans and families of fallen heroes to inspire future generations to change.

A highly regarded and sought-after advocate for the military community, she has dedicated her life to honoring service men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice, the families they left behind, and the veterans they served alongside. In addition to dedicating much of her time to service projects across the globe, Ryan also serves as an elected Township Supervisor in her hometown of Doylestown, PA.

She has garnered a number of awards and honors for her work, including being named a member of the 2018 Bush Institute Inaugural Stand to Class; a 2017 Honorary Graduate of the United States Naval Academy; and winner of the 2015 President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Service. She has also been honored with the 2014 Joseph D. Helton, Jr. Award for Leadership; the 2013 Hillier (Ignite) Warrior for Warriors Award; and the 2011 Commodore John Barry Distinguished Citizen Award.

Location: Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States