Russell Midori

President, Military Veterans in Journalism

I am a Hispanic American photojournalist born in Brooklyn, NY. I specialize in technical field production, so I spend my days driving a news truck around New York City. I film and edit noteworthy events, transmitting finished packages and live shots to my news station. I also shoot freelance commercial films and documentary projects through Drum Circle Media, a company I founded with my fiancé, Lily.

I bring a cinematic aesthetic to the news I shoot and produce. I enjoy being in the field, the adventure of truth-seeking and chasing the impossible challenge of perfect technical proficiency.

I have enjoyed writing and producing news alongside world-class journalists in great newsrooms, but to me, there’s nothing better than the simple purity of being in the field with a camera. My goal is to make a one truly great film before I die, so I’m seeking people to help me do that.

Location: New York City Metropolitan Area

Military Branch: U.S.Marine Corps