Raymond E. Conley

Senior Management Scientist, RAND Corporation

Raymond E. Conley is a senior management scientist at the RAND Corporation. Conley has led and worked on an array of policy studies concentrating primarily on U.S. Air Force human resources and organizational issues. Recent research projects at RAND include evaluating the size, structure, and development of AF space personnel; evaluating the acquisition workforce; analyzing the movement of airmen between active, reserve, and air national guard components; assessing the sustainment of human capital for the Air Force nuclear enterprise; maintaining the balance between manpower, skill levels, and operations tempo; delayering Air Force headquarters structure and warfighting headquarters implementation; and determining senior leader competency requirements for joint organizations. Prior to joining RAND in 2001, Conley was chief, Manpower Requirements and Utilizations, Headquarters, United States Air Force. He holds a D.P.A. in public administration from the University of Alabama; an M.S. in industrial engineering from Arizona State University; an M.S. in national resource management from National Defense University; and an M.B.A from Louisiana Tech University.

Location: White Plains, Maryland, United States