Phil Sampson

Partner, Sampson Hall Ltd

Phil Sampson was a career Royal Marines officer before forming Sampson Hall. He is a proven dynamic and innovative leader with outstanding communication skills.

He has extensive experience in military operations and in intelligence and security, contingency planning, and building multi-agency organizations having worked in Whitehall and internationally. Phil has developed, led, and managed teams throughout his career; he was Commanding Officer of the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines and Royal Marines Tyne. He has been involved in leadership development, coaching, and mentoring throughout his career and is a very strong advocate of subordinate development and continuous improvement. A founding partner with Sampson Hall he has worked on leadership development programmes at home and abroad with national and international organizations.

Phil Sampson has lectured on counter-terrorism in the UK to senior police officers, in Switzerland to NATO and partner countries, in the US to the wider intelligence community, in Norway to the North Atlantic Security Council, and in Greece to the various security agencies prior to the Olympics. He has also lectured during several UK business events and at Northumbria University.

Location: Exeter/London, United Kingdom