Phil Briggs

Host, CBS Eye on Veterans, ConnectingVets

Phil Briggs is a Navy veteran. He served as a photojournalist on the aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74).

A Stennis “plank owner,” Phil served on board during the carrier’s commissioning and sea trials, editing the ship’s newspaper. Throughout his enlistment, he covered stories from the flight deck to the fearless Sailors who make it happen. And he always points out he did his part to maintain “good diplomatic relations” with people in such ports-of-call as St. Marten, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

After getting out of the Navy, Phil made a name for himself in rock radio, with radio shows in Providence, Salt Lake City, and the DC/Baltimore area — and interviewing bands ranging from Aerosmith to ZZ Top. He also worked as a voice actor on commercials for Honda, Nissan, and Taco Bell and television shows on Travel Channel and Discovery.

In 2019, he wrote and produced the acclaimed podcast documentary To War and Back, which shared the emotional story of three Iraq/Afghanistan veterans. Kirstie Ennis, Boone Cutler, and Scott Huesing shared their stories of; combat, coming home, addiction, suicide, and how their work today inspires veterans and civilians alike.

Location: Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Military Branch: U.S.Navy