Meta J. Mereday

Founder, Veterans Entrepreneurial Development Initiatives (VEDI), Inc.

Meta participated in a ground-breaking media immersion about part of the Military Journalists (MilJo) Experience in 2012 that included a diverse group of journalists who experienced military life through an immersive engagement ranging from morning maneuvers with new recruits to graduation ceremonies for embarking troops at Forts Leavenworth and Leonard Wood. She is currently a part of Veteran Mission Possible (VMP), a collaboration of veterans, civilians, scientists, advocates,  researchers, entrepreneurs, community health advocates and others who have banded together to provide proactive and comprehensive models to eradicate suicides and medical debt within the veteran community.

Ms. Mereday, a 9-11 Civilian First Responder and nationally recognized Domestic Warrior for veterans has been in the trenches fighting for veterans on the home front for almost 30 years. She has lobbied leaders from Congress to town councils to address homelessness, unemployment and entrepreneurial gaps that have hampered veterans and their families. She has initiated programs  that helped veterans fighting hunger on colleges campuses and connected widows to much needed aid & attendance services. Her advocacy at Ground Zero opened doors for minority, women and veteran businesses to participate in the rebuild of New York City. She laid the ground work for landmark legislation in Nassau County to create business opportunities for veterans and fights for housing and medical services for veterans who are facing homelessness in addition to collaborating with local officials to better utilize abandoned properties for homeless vets to create homes and jobs. She co-founded the Northeastern PA VMA, a support group for veterans and their families hard hit in the Keystone State that was recognized by former Joint Chief Mullen.

She has appeared at hearings focused on veterans issues from The White House (TWH) to State Houses and currently serves on the White House Office and Public Engagement’s Community Outreach Team having served on TWH Office of Faith and Community based Org Team under the Obama Administration. 

She is a thought leader and focused visionary who is well versed on the needs of the veteran community. She is also the founder and Senior Editor of Influence DiCOTA.