Mel Eisman

Senior Operations Research Analyst, RAND Corporation

Mel Eisman is a senior operations research analyst at the RAND Corporation. He has generated system life-cycle cost estimates for analysis of alternative studies on future Air Force airborne tanker and airborne electronic attack options, and participated in cost-effectiveness studies of (1) manned vs. unmanned airborne systems platform/sensor force mix options for performing future Air Force missions; (2) space-based and airborne intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems portfolio force mix options; (3) U.S. Space Force–proliferated small satellites over larger monolithic satellites; (4) U.S. Space Force use of commercial space providers for augmenting and improving the resilience of fuiture space missions; and (5) terrorism countermeasures and other security initiatives for improving passenger security at rail stations and airports. In addition, Eisman has co-led two Air Force studies in (1) improving estimates of future airborne electronic warfare systems by assessing technical and acquisition cost benchmarks and trends of existing systems; and (2) developing the cost framework for estimating future airborne directed high energy laser weapon systems. He also led two Army studies on assessing the cost benefits of product support contractor vs. organic logistics support courses of action on ground combat vehicles and fixed wing aircraft. He was a committee member on a congressionally-mandated National Academies study involving “An Assessment of Concepts and Systems for U.S. Boost-Phase Missile Defense in Comparison to Other Alternatives”, and a Naval Studies Board study on improving “Defenses of Forward-Deployed U.S. Navy Platforms from Potential Enemy Missiles.” Eisman received his M.S.I.E. from Pennsylvania State University.