Marvin J. Wolf

Author, Screenwriter, and Recovering Photojournalist

Marvin J. (for Jules) Wolf flunked an LAPD Internal Affairs polygraph administered in a cramped, stuffy Parker Center room with puke-green walls, and was once arrested by Hermosa Beach’s chief of police for selling encyclopedias. He’s worked as a Farmer’s Market pearl diver, sold cameras, served as an Army drill sergeant, taught hand-to-hand combat at the Ranger School, and while serving as a First Cavalry Division combat correspondent, walked away from three helicopter crashes, earned a Bronze Star, an Air Medal, a Purple Heart, a battlefield commission and later commanded a signal company. Oh, and he’s written hundreds of magazine articles and more than 20 books, including best-sellers Fallen Angels, and Where White Men Fear to Tread.

Location: Asheville, North Carolina, United States

Military Branch: U.S.Army