Lauren Postler

Founder and Managing Partner, Military Connected Capital

Following in the footsteps of a family dedicated to military and spiritual service, Lauren strives to apply the principles of servant leadership in all her endeavors.

With more than 15 years of experience in strategic planning, change management, capacity building and collaborations for nonprofit organizations and Fortune 500 businesses alike, Lauren brings a wealth of knowledge, a dynamic skill set and a passion to her work with mission-driven organizations. Her previous involvement in fundraising with leaders in the oil & gas industry and background as a social worker has lent itself to both a “grass-roots” and “big picture” approach helping entrepreneurs build their brands and raise capital to fuel their cause.

Her individual consulting in management, marketing and growth strategy has grown into a boutique agency called Solution Focused dedicated to helping startups and small businesses to define their strategy, grow their business and benefit their communities. She most recently consulted for MediaTech Ventures, a holding company and venture capital firm supporting creative entrepreneurs and fueling the development of new media technology ventures across the globe.

An active servant in the philanthropic community, she is also devoted to numerous commitments as a board member and volunteer for area nonprofits. This currently includes leading People for Liberty, a 501(c)4 nonprofit, and service to the community of veteran & military-connected entrepreneurs as a City Leader for Bunker Labs in Houston, Texas, in honor of her family’s long-standing history of service to our country.

Location: Austin, Texas Metropolitan Area