Kimberly Somerholter Moros

Vice Chairwoman, SoldierStrong

Kimberly Somerholter Moros, a retired 28-year U.S. Army colonel, serves as SoldierStrong’s vice chairperson. Her background includes experience in crisis planning, crisis communications and influence planning, decision-making, development of strategic communications strategies and serving as a guest instructor at NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany. She completed her last six years of service at the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) where she developed and implemented a strategic plan that positioned transitioning service members at the center of business objective attainment. In 2018, Kim was selected as a scholar at the George W. Bush Institute Veteran Leadership Program where she completed an in-depth study, “Women’s Experiences in the Military and Why They Leave at a Higher Rate Than Their Male Counterparts and How These Experiences Affect Their Transition.” In 2020, an article she co-authored with two other women veterans, “Emboldening the Next Generation of Women Warriors,” was published on Currently, Kim is a Senior International Engagement Advisor with Madison Springfield, Inc., within USSOCOM. In this role she develops and implements integrated and collaborative approaches to create and maintain deep connections with 26 international partners and executives to enhance strategic engagement and influence the impact within the USSOCOM community to increase international programs. She is also a member of The Policy Circle, a nonprofit organization focused on engaging and informing women to take ownership of solutions to areas of improvement in their communities. Kim has a Master of Education and Master of Sociology from Webster University in St. Louis.

Location: Tampa, Florida, United States