Jack Murphy

Journalist, Entercom

Jack Murphy served in the 3rd Ranger Battalion and 5th Special Forces Group, deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq as a sniper, gun team leader, and senior weapons sergeant on a military free-fall team. He graduated from Columbia University with a degree in political science in 2014 and has worked as an investigative journalist ever since.

Murphy has reported on the ground from conflicts around the world getting smuggled into Syria with Kurdish guerrillas early on during the civil war, embedding with the Peshmerga during combat against ISIS in Iraq, and traveling from Manila to Tawi Tawi interviewing members of the Philippine Special Operations Forces. He reports extensively on clandestine and covert operations.

In 2019 he authored a memoir titled Murphy’s Law and has also written a series of action-adventure novels. He has made numerous television appearances on national news outlets as a subject matter expert. His work has appeared on Connecting Vets, Stars and Stripes, and Yahoo News.

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

Military Branch: U.S.Army