Gilbert Baez

News Reporter, WRAL

Gilbert Baez is an American weather anchor and Fayetteville news reporter. Covering news in Fayetteville is special to him, because of Fort Bragg soldiers, who come from across the country as well as around the world, this community is a melting pot, much like the Washington D.C. area.

Many of the service members retire here and make this community home. It’s that diversity that makes Fayetteville a wonderful place to live and work. Baez not only worked as a television news reporter but also spent over 30 years as a radio announcer, program as well as news director. He currently hosts a talent-filled karaoke night at a local hotel in Fayetteville. He also loves to play golf.

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

Military Branch: U.S.Army