Gavin Phillipson

Professor ,University of Bristol

Professor Gavin Phillipson is based in the Bristol Law School. As an expert in media law, he has explored media intrusion and the right to privacy from the media, along with the creation of media codes of practice, regulation of online speech, and the online propaganda of terrorism. Among his core interests is how the Human Rights Act links to the British Constitution, especially in the context of the political perceptions of excessive judicial power and contemporary controls on Executive prerogative powers.

Professor Philipson’s work on defamation significantly impacted the reform of English libel law. He has been a member of the Ministry of Justice Working Group on Libel, and previously worked in worked in the House of Commons as an Academic Parliamentary Fellow (2018-19) and sits on the Code Committee of IMPRESS, the UK’s only Leveson-compliant press regulator.

Location: Camden, England, United Kingdom