David Jobes

Professor of Psychology, The Catholic University of America

The research focus of the CUA Suicide Prevention Lab is centered on clinical risk assessment (using both quantitative and qualitative methods) with different suicidal populations in different clinical settings. In recent years we have become particularly focused on clinical interventions for suicidal patients. My group at CUA has developed a novel therapeutic approach called the “Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality” (CAMS). We are currently engaged in funded clinical trials to investigate the effectiveness of CAMS with suicidal patients in the US and other countries. There are various published studies providing solid correlational support for CAMS. Two randomized controlled trials demonstrating the causal effectiveness of CAMS with suicidal outpatients have been published. Four additional randomized controlled trials of CAMS are now underway.

I have been working in suicidology since graduate school across various domains—public health, clinical research, epidemiology, and theory-building. I have also worked extensively within Veterans Affairs at both the local and national level. Over the past dozen years, I have been a consultant to each branch of the US military. In recent years my lab has become increasingly involved in VA and military suicide prevention as we pursue empirical research with both suicidal veterans and active duty military personnel.

As a professor I teach courses in clinical psychology, ethics and professional practice, psychotherapy, research methods, clinical theory, assessment interviewing, and a graduate seminar on suicide. I have a passion for teaching and my courses are infused with real-world examples and case studies that help bring the course material to life.

Location: Washington, DC