Charles Figley

Professor , Tulane University

Charles Figley is an internationally-known trauma expert, social work professor and head of the Tulane Trauma Institute. Following Hurricane Katrina, he helped mobilize crisis counselors for hurricane survivors, conducted training sessions for post-Katrina practitioners and lectured across the country on disaster-related trauma.

Since arriving at Tulane in 2008, he has proven to be a transforming presence, helping launch the City, Culture, and Community PhD program, the Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy and the certification in Disaster Mental Health and Trauma Studies.

He has traveled around the world to help communities cope with disaster, his most recent trip to Puerto Rico to advise leaders on how to galvanize communities to work toward recovery in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

Figley is a highly sought after media source who has spoken on such topics as compassion fatigue, disaster anniversaries and mental trauma following natural disaster, mass shooting and military service.

Location: New Orleans, LA, United State