Carlo Aragoncillo

Director, Office of Veterans Affairs, City of Philadelphia

Carlo Aragoncillo serves as the Director of the Veterans’ Brain Health Program at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health. Carlo’s focuses and experiences have expanded into designing program interventions with clinical staff, specifically supporting veterans impacted by brain traumas.​ Carlo Aragoncillo served as the former Director of Veterans Affairs for the City of Philadelphia. In his previous role, his office worked to streamline delivery of resources for the diverse population of veterans within the City. As Director, Carlo focused the office on advocating for policy and legislation that directly affected Veterans within Philadelphia. In addition to serving the City of Philadelphia, Carlo continues to serve in the United States Army Reserve. With nearly 10 years of military experience including a tour to Iraq, Carlo’s new mission is to create awareness around military culture, history, successes, and challenges of transition.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States