C. Nataraj

Professor, Villanova University

Dr. Nataraj is the Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Moritz, Sr. Endowed Chair position in Engineered Systems, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Villanova Center for Analytics of Dynamic Systems (VCADS) at Villanova College of Engineering. Unmanned vehicles and robotics is Dr. Nataraj’s primary area of specialty. Dr. Nataraj serves as faculty adviser for the College of Engineering’ s student team to compete in RobotX, an annual, selective international competition on autonomous surface vehicles, organized by the Office of Naval Research and the Association of Unmanned Vehicles International to foster and stimulate research in marine autonomy. Nataraj has received several grants from the Office of Naval Research to investigate the feasibility of developing and testing unmanned ocean vehicles.

Knowledgeable about prognostics, an engineering discipline that predicts the future condition of a component or system, he would be a good source for information on machinery maintenance and failure, as well as cutting-edge diagnostic healthcare systems.

Location: Villanova, Pennsylvania, United States