Abe Usher

Co-CEO, Black Cape

Abe Usher is the Chief Technology Officer of the HumanGeo Group, a Big Data analysis company.

Previously, Usher was an engineer at Google where he worked on the integration of search and geospatial technologies such as Google Maps.

Usher has spoken before audiences at Harvard Business School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, General Electric, the Nielson Company, National Defense University, the Washington Convention Center, the Portland Convention Center, and Whitehall Place.

He has served as a keynote speaker on discussions related to Big Data analysis, location intelligence, and cyber security.

Usher’s ideas have been featured in leading publications such as Wired Magazine, Business Week, Network World, CNet News, Trajectory Magazine, and the Geospatial Intelligence Forum.

Before working at HumanGeo or Google, Usher served as a cryptologist in the US Air Force and as an Infantry leader in the US Army. A graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point, Usher lives in Virginia near Washington, DC.

Fun facts:
In 2005 Usher coined the term “pod slurping” to describe the emerging trend of using portable devices (e.g. iPods) to steal data from computer end-points like laptops.

In 2008 the Macquarie Dictionary (the Australian equivalent of Webster’s Dictionary in America) selected pod slurping as the word of the year, and added it to the Macquarie Dictionary – the official record of Australian English language.

Location: Washington D.C. Metro Area, VA, United State